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Plans To Build
*$9.99 shipping, packing and handling charges

Easy enough for a kid to use.

I am offering these easy to read plans for the quick assembly of your own Henry Milker. All milk is captured in the sealed system, no more hair or other stuff in your milk that has to be strained out.

The Henry Milker plans come with many illustrations.

All items may be purchased locally from your stores. A complete list of items is included with photos of each item.

I have spent many years putting this together and have a machine that is very easy to use and to clean. I am now making it available for others.

If you have a hard-to-milk goat, if you have a dancer or kicker, this machine will make milking much easier on you and your goat.

From a satisfied customer

I got the plans yesterday and put the milker together today and used it tonight.  It works so well.  My one goat would not stand still for hand milking.  She was from a farm that had a milking machine but she was so good tonight.  The other goat hand milked alright but her hair was always falling in the milk.  Anyway it is a great idea and well worth the cost of the plans.

Thank you for selling them to me. Good luck to you.


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